The United States of America is under attack, not from enemies outside, we have always defeated them, this vicious attack is from within and led by the same people we voted in office. These vicious heartless cowards are stabbing our country in the back and doing it right in front of our eyes under this made up CoronaVirus Pandemic. Yes they always had the knife in their hands but being the cowards they are they never used it, today they are using it under this WE ARE HERE TO HELP guise. Beware of the person bringing gifts…
They have powerful accomplices ready to sharpen their knives, ready to join them in attacking our great country and our Constitution, yes I am talking about the cowardly news people. BUT they have others even more powerful out to destroy our USA.

Millions of Americans will be going to cemeteries all over this country to honor our military heroes that died defending our country, our freedoms, our way of life. While you are saying a prayer for your loved ones I want you to say a prayer for this country, God knows the USA needs that prayer.

Please join us in signing this SAVE AMERICA petition…

GOD Bless and thank you

Freedom Fate.